A Roundup Of The Latest Cosmetic Surgery News Stories From November 2018.

November 30th, 2018

8 plastic surgery procedures trending now: Bizarre or not?

While treatments such as liposuction or breast augmentation are well known, other less common procedures are apparently making their way into the plastic surgery industry, such as hand injections, earlobe reduction and belly button plastic surgery.


7 essential health considerations if you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery

No matter what your stance on cosmetic surgery is, if you’re thinking of undergoing a procedure for whatever reason, it’s important that you’re physically and mentally healthy and understand the risks associated with the surgery you’re considering.


‘I don’t think there’s anything left that I haven’t done’

Meet Roxy Jacenko, who’s had everything from a nose job and breast augmentation to Botox. ‘If you’re not happy with something, I’m all for changing it,’ she confessed to Daily Mail.


Cosmetic procedures more than vanity

Rather than being fuelled by a singular desire to be more physically attractive, patients seeking cosmetic procedures are driven by emotional, physical, social and professional reasons, a JAMA Dermatology study shows.



From doing your research and being realistic in your expectations to using the online community for support, The Mancunion Team discuss top tips to help you prepare and choose your plastic surgery.


Botox: The Dos And Don’ts

Whether you’ve had Botox before or are dipping into it for the first time, consider these your words to live by. Vogue calls them ‘The Botox Commandments’.