After Breast Surgery Care – How To Take Care Of Yourself And Your New Breasts

April 3rd, 2018

Whether you have an enlargement, reduction, lift or correction, your new breasts can take some getting used to. They’ll certainly look great, but aftercare is important to not only increase your comfort, but ensure your breasts keep their shape. We believe dedication to our patients is imperative to their recovery, so have detailed everything you need to know about post-breast surgery care in this helpful post.

What To Expect After Breast Surgery

A rush of emotions. Excitement to see your new breasts, coupled with exhaustion and the need to recover, which luckily pain-killers can assist with. It’s normal to feel disorientated the first 24 hours after breast surgery as anaesthesia, readjustment and medication take their effect.

You Should Also Expect:

  • Your breasts will be bruised and swollen for 2-3 months and will feel uncomfortable, though this will dissipate over time.
  • Though implants are soft, your breasts may become firm due to the swelling. As the swelling subsides, your breasts will become softer too.
  • Gently massaging the scars 6 weeks after surgery can help with any pain. Your surgeon can discuss technique with you for effectiveness.


What To Wear After Breast Surgery

Especially after breast enlargements, lifts and reductions, you’ll be asked to wear a breast surgery recovery bra, day and night for up to 6 weeks following surgery. This bra offers many benefits, such as reducing swelling and bleeding, as well as supporting the chest during potential painful moments, such as sneezing and coughing.

A soft sports bra is a great alternative, unlike underwire bras that can cause irritation.


Can I Wear A Push-Up Bra After Breast Surgery?

You can, but not until 6 weeks after surgery. A push-up bra could alter implant location, raising them and changing your desired look. Implants need to settle to lock their position in place. After 6 weeks, wearing a push-up bra should not affect your new breasts.

Additional Clothing Advice

  • Loose-fitting clothing will lessen sensitivity around the chest area.
  • Buttoned shirts and jackets are a lot easier to put on than tops, blouses and hoodies and will cause less discomfort too.

Breast Surgery Recovery

Healing and Recovery Time

Breast Enlargements, Reductions and Lifts:

  • 1 week taken off work (2 weeks for reductions and lifts).
  • No lifting for 2 weeks and no heavy lifting for 6.
  • It’s advised you don’t drive for 1-2 weeks post-surgery.
  • Normal activity can be resumed 4-6 weeks later.

Showering After Breast Surgery

Any dressings, bandages or plastic strips should be kept dry following the procedure, though should you need to clean any wounds, gently use a clean wet towel, free of shower gel, soap or other bathroom products.

1 week after surgery a shower is permitted. Have a friend or relation wait outside just in case you feel faint so they can help you out.

What About Other Water?

It’s advised that the following water sources are avoided for 6 weeks:

  • Swimming Pools.
  • Hot Tubs / Jacuzzis.
  • Bath Water.
  • Lakes.
  • Rivers.
  • The Sea.

Travel and Flying Post Breast Surgery

As the first week after surgery is the recovery period, it’s advised that long-haul travel and flights are avoided, as this is when complications can occur. Should an issue arise mid-air or on the road, finding suitable medical care may prove difficult. Not only that, pulling heavy luggage, stress due to traffic/delays and potential blood clots could cause post-surgery bleeding and discomfort. A week gives your breasts time to settle and start to heal.

If you must travel, we recommend the following:

  • Have a friend lift/pull your luggage throughout your journeys.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and keep you feeling refreshed.
  • Keep pain-killers nearby should you experience soreness.
  • You may notice implant expansion or contracture with changes in cabin pressure. This will only be temporary and they will restore themselves naturally.

How To Sleep After Breast Surgery

For the first 2 days, sleeping upright can help reduce soreness, swelling and pain.

For the following 2-3 weeks, sleeping on your back is best, to avoid deformation or unnecessary pressure that sleeping on your stomach or side could cause.

As mentioned above, wearing a sports bra will help keep your breasts in place during sleep movement.

Woman in bed

Also Beneficial: The Breast Surgery Pillow

A great little pillow that fits under your arms, offering pain relief and support, as well as protection from accidental bumps and knocks.

For more information on how to take care of yourself after breast surgery, check out our breast surgery pages, as well as our great FAQ’s section.