Let’s Face It: The Benefits Of A Face Lift

May 9th, 2018

Our faces define our beauty, our appearance and how we show ourselves to the world. They give us the confidence to gain dream jobs, meet partners and be our authentic selves. We may live exciting lives, but our faces shouldn’t look like the roadmap. The good, and the bad – the effects of ageing, stress and sun exposure – can cause loose or sagging skin, lines, deep jowls and wrinkles, as well as a reduction in self-esteem. A face lift can renew your confidence and restore your face back to its brilliant beauty. In this post, we look at the advantages of face lifts and how you could benefit.


What is a Face Lift?

A face lift, or a Rhytidectomy involves the removal of surplus skin and fat, as well as the lifting and tightening of loose skin and sagging muscles. Areas focused on include the eyelids, nose and cheeks, and patients regularly request a brow lift and/or eye-bag surgery for a complete and refreshed look. There are different types, including the ‘The Mini Lift’, ‘The SMAS Lift’ and ‘The Composite Facelift’.


Briefly, the aforementioned lifts involve:

The Mini Lift: A simple skin lift and tighten.

The SMAS Lift: The muscles (part of the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) are also lifted and excess fat is removed. The SMAS sags as we age due to reduced collagen production.

The Composite Facelift: Combines an extended SMAS lift with a brow lift and lower eyelid surgery.


For more information on the Face Lift types available, click here.


The Benefits Of A Face Lift

  • Tightens The Skin: For a youthful, stress-free and refreshed appearance.

If you’ve experienced weight loss a face lift can also repair any sagging caused.

  • Improves Facial Contours: By creating a stronger jawline, smoother checks and more attractive neck area.
  • Appear Younger: Looking as young as you feel, if not younger!
  • Increased Confidence: Your beauty redefined, without the need to hide behind hair.
  • Easier Make-Up Application: Creating a smoother aesthetic for boosted beauty.
  • Greater Clothing Options: No need for scarves, turtle necks or other items of clothing that hide the face and neck.


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