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Breast Lift

What You Need To Know About A Breast Lift

  • The operation takes between ninety minutes to two hours to perform
  • Breast lifts are performed under general anaesthesia, and most patients are either day case or stay in hospital for one night. There are various techniques used in specific situations.
  • Following surgery, most patients wear a firm support bra for up to six weeks
  • The breasts will feel bruised, tender and swollen for a few days
  • Sutures are removed or trimmed after ten to fourteen days
  • Ice packs may be used to reduce the swelling and make the breasts feel more comfortable
  • Most patients take two weeks off work
  • No lifting during these first two weeks, and no heavy lifting for at least six weeks
  • Most women can resume normal activity within four to six weeks as with all scars, they will slowly fade over six to twelve months


Who Is Suitable For A Breast Lift?

A significant number of women find their breasts change as they develop through the various stages of life. Often, their breasts would originally have been relatively firm or pert, but whether through significant weight loss, the after effects of a pregnancy, or the effects of gravity and age, the shape or pertness of the breast alters, leaving a droopy or a deflated appearance.

This change can be disheartening, which leads to many women wanting to improve the overall pertness, firmness, and the size and shape of their breasts.

Whilst not strictly an accurate example, a good way of understanding the problem is to imagine that a woman initially has a B-cup sized breast, over the years, perhaps after the birth of child, she still has a B-cup sized breast, but owing to the stretching of the skin, to accommodate milk or weight increase during pregnancy that B-cup breast now resides in D-cup sized pocket of skin (the skin has been stretched in effect).

How Does A Breast Lift Work?

From the outset, it is important to understand that it is not possible to recreate or repair the fibrous bands that originally held the breast in place (once they have been stretched). Like springs that have been over-stretched, once they have been pulled too far, they lose their ability to recoil. Consequently, the only surgical option is to excise the excess skin. A breast uplift, also known as a mastoplexy, results in breasts that look more youthful and feel firmer.

Breast Uplift Surgery Consists Of The Following:

  • Excising the surplus skin
  • Remodelling the breast tissue into a more attractive shape
  • Repositioning the nipple / areola complex to a higher level, so that the nipple lies at the point of the newly tightened breasts
  • Reshaping or reducing in size the areola if necessary
  • Increasing the size of the breast by use of an implant if the woman also considers her breasts to be too small

What Can I Expect After A Breast Lift?

The vast majority of women undergoing a breast lift procedure find the results very satisfying. Resulting in a real improvement in how their clothes fit, and how their breasts look even when they are undressed. Most women report a marked improvement in their self-confidence and their own feelings about the attractiveness of their body.

Another aspect worth considering when looking at a breast uplift procedure is the size of the breast after the procedure is delivered. Many women who opt for a breast uplift, decide that, although they want firmer breasts, they would also like to retain much of the larger size (rather than returning to the original smaller and firmer size). This can easily be achieved by combining the uplift procedure with a breast implant.

Finally, it is important to remember that the results of breast uplift will not last forever. The operation puts back the clock, but will not stop it indefinitely.

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