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Eye Bag Surgery

Also known as Blepharoplasty or Eye Lid Reduction

What Is Eye Bag Removal Surgery?

Blepharoplasty, also known as eye bag removal or eyelid reduction surgery, is surgery used to correct puffiness around the eye region, by removing excess skin and fat. Puffiness includes hooded and droopy eyelids, as well as eye bags and tear troughs.

Who Is Suitable For Eye Bag Removal Surgery?

A person’s perceived need for blepharoplasty is dependent on various factors. These include:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Tiredness

As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity, causing sagging, wrinkles and loose skin. Combined with a busy life that keeps us up longer than we’d like to be, tiredness can cause the blood vessels underneath our eyes to dilate, giving bags that darkened tone.

This can make the face appear older, drained and in need of some TLC.

Eye bags can also be caused by:

  • Smoking
  • An Unhealthy Diet
  • Insufficient Makeup Removal

This can create feelings of self-consciousness and unhappiness with one’s appearance. Therefore, people may look to reduce these problems through blepharoplasty.

The Eye Bag Removal Procedure:

You will be put under general or local anaesthetic to ensure you don’t experience any pain during your surgery.

Upper Eyelid Surgery: The surgeon makes tiny incisions across the crease of the upper eyelid and delicately separates the skin from the tissue underneath. They then take out or adjust fatty issue and tighten the muscles for a refreshed look that is smooth and without lines and wrinkles. Any scarring will be hidden in the eyelid fold, so is not visible.

Lower Eyelid Surgery: The surgeon makes an incision along the lower eyelid and removes additional fat (the eye bags), before stretching the area for an even finish.

What You Need To Know About Eye Bag Removal Surgery

  • Upper eyelid surgery takes approximately 1 hour, whereas lower eyelid surgery takes 2.
  • Patients can go home the same day.
  • Incisions are small and scarring can be disguised by the lash line.
  • Eye sight will not be affected by the blepharoplasty procedure as surgeons only work around the eyes.

What To Expect After Eye Bag Removal Surgery

  • Generally, stitches are removed within 3 to 5 days.
  • Patients return to work after a week.
  • Swelling and bruising calms down after 1 week and applying a cold compress within a few days of surgery aids in the reduction of swelling.
  • You may also experience pink scars, numb eyelids and watery eyes which will all subside within a few weeks.
  • Patients should avoid wearing eye makeup and contact lenses post-op and keep scars clean and dry until the stitches are taken out.
  • You shouldn’t drive for a week following surgery.
  • No heavy lifting for 5 days.

The Benefits of Blepharoplasty Include:

  • A renewed and rested appearance free of previous exhaustion and the effects of ageing, such as crow’s feet, lines, wrinkles and sagging.
  • An increase in self-confidence due to your youthful look.
  • Make-up becomes easier to apply due to smoother skin.
  • Vision may also be improved.

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