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Face Lift Surgery in Liverpool and Yorkshire

Also known as a Rhytidectomy

It is a fact of life that all of us age. But that doesn’t mean we no longer want to look our best. Rhytidectomy, more commonly referred to as a Facelift, can give you a significantly more youthful appearance.

What Is A Face Lift?

The face lift was one of the first cosmetic procedures established and it’s popularity has increased year on year. Frequently, a facelift is combined with blepharoplasty (eye-bag surgery) or a brow lift which also referred to as a forehead lift.

Facelift is the term that describes a number of surgical procedures that do one or more of the following:

  • Remove excess skin
  • Remove excess fat
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Tighten sagging muscles

The outline of procedures documented are standard guides, suggesting that each patient’s procedure might vary slightly. This will be discusses on consultation.

What You Need To Know About A Face Lift 

  • A basic mini-lift may take approximately two hours. Larger face-lifts, especially if combined with other procedures, may take up to approximately five hours.
  •  If the neck is being lifted, the surgeon may make an incision under the chin.
  •  One or two thin drains may be inserted at the completion of surgery. These will be removed during the first 48 hours.
  • The face will probably be bandaged; the bandages will remain in place for up to 5 days, depending upon surgeon preference and the type of lift. Sutures and clips are removed between 4 to 10 days after.
  • For the first 24 hours approximately, you will be encouraged to sleep upright. You may wash and shampoo your hair after the bandages are removed.
  •  Home rest is required for approximately 1 week after facelift surgery and avoid strenuous activity for approximately 1 month. Most patients return to work after 2-3 weeks.
  • It is recommended that you avoid significant social arrangements for up to 8 weeks to ensure you are confident about your improved appearance.

The Mini Lift

This is the most basic facelift, it involves little more than a skin tuck.

First, the surgeon makes the standard facelift incision.

He then lifts and tightens the skin.

The wounds are then sutured. Occasionally, drains may be used.

The Mini-Lift has little, if any, effect on grooves running between the nose and mouth (naso-labial grooves). Depending on the amount of skin removed, the results may be more or less striking, and consequently last for varying periods of time.

The SMAS Lift

During this procedure, the surgeon lifts the deeper layer of muscle (the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system or SMAS) in addition to the overlying skin.

This allows the structures in the lower face and neck to be sutured to bone higher on the face, hence tightening the sling running around the lower face and chin / neck.

Any excess fat may also be removed.

The Extended SMAS Lift

In this extension to the conventional SMAS procedure, the surgeon lifts the whole of the skin and SMAS layer all the way to the nose, totally elevating it from the cheek structures beneath. Consequently, the mid-face is improved considerably by this procedure, as are the nasolabial grooves.

The Composite Facelift

This operation generally involves an extended SMAS lift, to which a browlift and possibly lower eyelid surgery are added.

The Mask Lift

This modern technique is a more extensive procedure. Sometimes referred to as a Subperiosteal Facelift, the procedure involves a hair-band type incision, which is taken right down through the covering of the bone to allow the deeper layers of the face to be lifted.

Incisions are made within the mouth to release the structures of the cheek.

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