Lisa and our Saturday Clinics are Back!

March 7th, 2018

We are very excited to welcome the wonderful Lisa Phillips, a highly recommended and reputable practitioner, with a wealth of experience back to New Birkdale Clinic. She’s returning with our Saturday non-surgical clinics, where you can have POD thread lifts, dermal fillers and moles removed among other great options. To find out more, read on.


Mole Removal.

Whether they appear on the face or body, moles can be a cause of self-consciousness, limiting the clothes you feel comfortable wearing and increasing your make-up usage. Mole removal is a safe, quick and effective procedure, requiring a small incision.


£100 per mole.


PDO Thread Lifts.

Loose skin wearing you down? PDO Thread Lifts are a great way to lift and tighten excess skin and stimulate collagen, reducing the effects of wrinkles and other skin conditions. The lifts can be used on the jowls, cheeks, neck and brows, or the whole face if required.

Threads enter the face with a needle or cannula and effectively improve skin tone and tissue position.

You’ll need a consultation prior to the lift, and treatment time is approximately 1 hour.


Full Face: £750.

Lower Face and Jowls: £450.

Neck Lift: £450.


Plasma Elite.

If threads aren’t your thing, then Plasma Elite just may be. A miniscule pulse of electricity is generated in the skin, reacts with your plasma causing skin tissue to contract. This greatly tightens sagging skin, wrinkles, lines and crow’s feet found on the face and neck.

The treatment takes approximately 1 hour and the results last around 2-3 years.


Upper Eyelids: £400.

Lower Eyelids: £400.

Both: £700.

Crow’s Feet: £350.

Smokers Lines: £400.

Neck: £500.



A great little pen-like device that helps with wrinkles, scars, lines and hyperpigmentation, leaving the skin feeling fresh, tightened and beautiful. It works by piercing the skin and stimulating collagen and elastin at the same time, helping to rejuvenate your face.

It can be administered over 3 sessions (£169 x3), or you can have a course of 3 for a cheaper price (£450).


Dermal Fillers.

Worried you look tired? Sagging eye bags getting you down? We offer a range of dermal fillers that can greatly enhance your appearance. For example, we treat dark circles with redensity, and wrinkles and lines with the Juvéderm® range.

You’ll need a consultation to check your suitability for the filler before undergoing it.


Please click here for our price list.



If your wrinkles are deep and engraved, Botox may be the answer. It’s injected with a needle around the eyes or forehead to reduce muscle sag and decreases damage already done.

The positive outcome will last around 6 months, and then touch ups are recommended.


1 Area Injected: £125.

2 Areas Injected: £185.

3 Areas Injected: £275.


For more information on the choices available at our Saturday non-surgical clinics, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.