Nipple Correction

Who Is Suitable For Nipple Correction Surgery?

It is estimated that approximately 15% of the population are born with or develop inverted nipples (nipples pointing inwards rather than outwards). While nipple correction surgery is a common procedure, it is important to explore non-medical means of correction first as these are often successful.

How Is Nipple Correction Performed?

For patients with permanent inversion, surgery is often successful with little risks linked to the procedure. A slight incision is made around the base of nipple to release it from connective tissues, freeing the inverted nipple.

What You Need To Know About Nipple Correction Surgery

  • On average, each procedure takes less than one hour, allowing for patients to go home the same day.
  • The procedure is associated with mild discomfort such as bruising and swelling which will soon ease.
  • Results are visible after 3-6 months and often show very little to no visible scarring.
  • It is recommended that patients undergoing this procedure to do so after having children as the procedure leaves patients unable to breastfeed.

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