Royal Wedding Post: Get Wedding Ready

May 9th, 2018

In a few short days, Harry and Meghan will walk down the aisle and the world will watch in awe and admiration. Meghan’s dress, her bridesmaids and the decorations will be critiqued from every angle, so her team, as does Harry’s, have their work cut out for them. Whether we’re the bride, groom or a lucky guest, we all want to look our best when attending a wedding. In honour of the Royal Wedding, we discuss the key treatments and procedures that will ensure you’re always wedding ready.


Source: Radio Times


Plasma Elite

Crow’s feet, necklace lines and dark eye bags can be a cause of self-consciousness at the best of times, so having to see them in the wedding album is not ideal. Plasma Elite is a great and simple treatment that can correct these issues, as well as wrinkles, lines and excess skin. Your skin’s plasma is energized to stimulate collagen production, smoothing out and refreshing the treated area. You’ll be photo-ready and fabulous at the snap of a camera.


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Tummy Tuck

Worrying that your stomach sticks out in that must-have dress or suit? Or did you choose something less appealing as you felt constrained? A Tummy Tuck is a wonderful way to rid your middle and lower abdomen of that skin and fat that’s just been too difficult to shift.

There are various procedures, including:

  • Standard Abdominoplasty.

Skin and fat between the pubic bone and umbilicus is removed.

  • Modified Abdominoplasty (‘Mini Tuck’).

Surplus skin above the pubic bone is taken out.

  • Endoscopic Abdominoplasty.

Abdominal muscles are tightened.


Go on. Wear that item that you know you really want to.




Breast Lift

Sagging breasts can also limit what you feel comfortable wearing, as well as draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Perhaps they’ve drooped because of ageing, breastfeeding or weight loss and you’d like to restore them to their natural beauty. A breast lift can do just that, removing additional skin, reshaping breast tissue and raising the nipples if needed. The breasts will feel look and feel better and add to your wedding style aesthetic.





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