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Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions for Voucher Purchases

Terms and Conditions for Patients Seeking Cosmetic Procedures.

It is the aim of all staff at the New Birkdale Clinic to provide a safe, effective, and efficient environment in which to promote an optimum quality of service to all our patients. We aim to maintain a professional and friendly approach to patient care and we are committed to provide a service maintaining patient confidentiality and continuity of care to all our patients. We will endeavour to continually monitor and update our policies and standards of practice guided by the acceptable practices in the industry.

Your Consultation

If you have contacted the clinic directly, its staff will endeavour to give you full information about the procedure in which you are interested. We also advise you to get as much information as possible from other sources including the internet, google search, websites, YouTube etc about the procedure, its benefits, potential complications and expected results about the procedure you are interested in. Our staff will offer you an appointment with a qualified and experienced surgeon or other healthcare professional who has practising rights at our clinic. Once you choose to consult with any of the doctors or other healthcare professional, they will be legally responsible for all the clinical care of your condition and will discuss in detail the choices of treatment available giving the risks and benefits. They will also answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. The choice will be yours to book or not to book the treatment with a particular clinician.

The main purpose of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments is to improve a patient’s appearance as much as possible with the minimum of risk. Cosmetic surgery is not, however, the answer to many of life’s problems and patients are asked to bear this in mind when considering their options. Careful consideration should be given to both the potential benefits and the risks before making a decision to proceed. With this in mind you may wish to carry out further independent research including from the internet after your consultation with the surgeon or other healthcare practitioner. You will be given a booklet about your surgery. Please read this and if you have any further questions or queries please discuss them with the healthcare professional treating you or call or email the clinic.

On your first visit to our clinic you will be asked to complete a medical history form. It is important that your surgeon and healthcare professionals have all your medical history and knows of any medication you are taking or have been taking recently. If you already have breast implants, your surgeon would need to know full details of those implants including make and size at the time of your consultation. If you attend or have attended a hospital specialist including a Psychotherapist within the last two years, the specialist will need a copy of last report from the specialist to your GP or to you. If you omit any information you are potentially putting your wellbeing at risk. It is essential that you discuss your requirements realistically and honestly during your consultation, so that the surgeon and other healthcare professionals can establish whether your expectations are achievable and within the normal constraints of surgery and other treatments. You will have photographs taken to record your pre-operative and post-operative appearance. These photographs will form part of your clinical record. They will not be used for any other purpose or shown to other patients without your permission.

If you proceed with surgery you will need to sign a consent form on the day. This may be at the time of your consultation with the surgeon or on the day of surgery or on both occasions. A copy of the consent form will be provided to you so that you can read it through before the day of your surgery.  This is designed to ensure that before your operation you and your surgeon are in full agreement regarding the procedure that has been planned for you and that you understand the choices of treatment available, the potential benefits and the risks and possible complications of the various options. You will not be able to proceed unless this consent form has been completed and signed by both you and your surgeon.

It is normal practice in this country that your GP is informed about any treatment or advice you have been given. If, however, you do not wish us to communicate information about your consultation or treatment to your GP then you must make sure that you inform us beforehand. Our advice to surgeons is that they should in any case do a letter which should be provided to you instead of your GP.

Your Surgery / Treatment

Your surgery will take place at a hospital registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This could be at Prem House Clinic at 2 Park Road Crosby, Liverpool or another CQC registered hospital where your surgeon has practising privileges or admitting rights. CQC registered hospitals provide hospital facilities to the surgeons and other practitioners who practice there under practising privilege arrangements. It is the surgeons, doctors, and other practitioners who are directly responsible for your clinical care. They are not employed by the New Birkdale Clinic nor Prem House Clinic Ltd and they are independent practitioners. They carry their own medical indemnity insurance.

Breast and other Implants

If your procedure requires an implant, as in breast augmentation, we will obtain the implants on your behalf from an approved supplier. You are free to ask for a different implant other than what the surgeon may use as a standard, as long as you are prepared to pay any difference in the cost and we are able to source them on your behalf. If the implant has any defects or develops any defects, the implant manufacturer, the supplier and the Government regulated body for implants MHRA is responsible and not the New Birkdale Clinic.

Cancellation of Surgery by the Clinic

In the interest of patient safety and welfare, the clinic medical team reserves the right to cancel or postpone your procedure, no compensation will be provided in these cases. Refunds are at the sole discretion of management if the reason for cancellation is due to underlying medical problems that the client was unaware of at the time of booking surgery. If there are any medical issues that have not been disclosed by the client then no refund or compensation will be issued and costs will be incurred to said client, this includes cases of pregnancy.

Rescheduling Policy for Surgery

If you pre-book a date for surgery and decide to reschedule that date, a rescheduling administration fee will apply as follows:

These fees will be added to the total operation fee and will be payable prior to surgery.

Please note: If you subsequently cancel rescheduled surgery, then the refund policy will be applied based on the original scheduled period and the above fees would be payable immediately.

Refund Policy

The clinic will charge; or retain, the following sums to recover costs if you cancel your surgery within the following time periods:

Refunds will only be processed once the appropriate refund form has been fully completed, and returned to our accounts department. Please note that refunds may take up to 6 weeks to be administered.


In the case where breast implants are used, the guarantee given by the manufacturer will apply to the implants themselves against natural deterioration of its shape or quality. Should there be a problem with the implant we will, on your behalf, get the manufacturer to supply a replacement implant free of charge. If the supplier will make a charge, we will have to pass on that charge to you. The hospital may charge for its services. You may have to contribute to fees charged by the surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital costs. If you choose a different size or type of implant, an appropriate re-augmentation charge will be applicable. Capsular contraction is a known complication of breast implant surgery, and is therefore not classed as an implant problem, and any subsequent surgery for correction of capsular contracture is chargeable. If there is a complication as a result of a defective implant, we will not accept any liability as we order implants on your behalf and act as your agent. We are not implant manufacturers nor implant suppliers’ agents. We will order only those implants which are approved by an appropriate Government agency. The liability will rest with the manufacturer of the implant, their agents and the governments regulatory body. In any case you have a choice of opting for a different implant in the first instance.

In an unlikely event that your care requires special investigations such as an X-ray, MRI scan, or ultrasound scan, or a referral to the NHS or another private hospital, we will do a referral letter to your GP on your behalf. If we arrange these investigations privately, we will charge you the cost of the investigation including any transport costs. Administrative charges will not be applied.

Postoperative Care

Post-operative consultations by our nursing team are free of charge for life. Post-operative consultations by your surgeon are free of charge for one year post-operatively.

Readmission Policy after Surgery

If, after your operation, your surgeon decides that further surgery (as part of the original procedure) is necessary to assist you in achieving the results originally anticipated, the hospital will provide all surgical services and nursing care free of charge for the first year post-operatively. If, however, your surgeon decides that the results of a surgical procedure are acceptable within the normal limits of surgery, or you return after being satisfied with the outcome after being discharged by the surgeon, then any further surgery or other treatments will be fully chargeable.

Please note that the clinic cannot commit to providing revisional surgery at special rates where the result of the surgery originally provided has been affected by changes in lifestyle, illness, or the natural ageing process. For example, if you gain or lose weight, become pregnant, or develop a medical condition.

The readmission policy will also be affected if a patient fails to attend scheduled review appointments or follow advice and guidance as indicated by the surgeon or a member of the clinical team.

The New Birkdale Clinic Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the supply of all services by the clinic. In the event of an inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the contents of the literature provided by the clinic to the patient, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

Definitions and Interpretation

In these terms and conditions, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings respectively set against them:

The Clinic’s Obligations

In providing a relevant treatment for a patient, the clinic shall:


At one week and six weeks after your operation, you will be given a questionnaire. We welcome your comments and suggestions and we hope you will take the time and trouble to complete this, as it helps us to improve our service. A summary of post treatment questionnaires is produced, a copy of which is available at the clinic. 

Patient’s Obligations

The patient shall be responsible for reading and understanding the Patient’s Guide, consent form, information, and literature provided prior to consenting to undergo any relevant treatment. It is also the patient’s obligation to attend all consultation appointments and contact either the nurse manager or the clinic where surgery took place or the surgeon who operated on them immediately if any problems occur with their surgery. Any change of your address, telephone number, or email address shall be communicated to us. Any surgical garments that are required for your post-operative recovery are your responsibility, and your procedure may be cancelled or postponed without such garments being obtained before the date of surgery.


The patient shall pay a deposit of an amount stipulated by the clinic from time to time prior to an appointment being made with a relevant practitioner. The Refund Policy; page 2, shall apply to such deposit. The balance of the fee for the relevant treatment shall be paid within 3 weeks of the date of surgery. Payments for relevant treatments are currently exempt from VAT. The clinic reserves the right to cancel any surgery if the full payment is not received 3 weeks prior to surgery date. The clinic will make a charge to the patient if this occurs, as per the refund policy on page 2.

Relationship with Relevant Practitioner

  1. The clinic accepts no responsibility for matters which are within the professional responsibility of the surgeon or other healthcare professional. All surgeons are independent contractors and are not employed by the clinic. Even in a case where the practitioners are employed by the clinic, the professional is responsible for their clinical decisions and not the clinic. The clinic shall satisfy itself that:
  2. The relevant practitioner is insured against claims for professional negligence with an insurance company and the relevant practitioner holds the necessary qualifications and registration.
  3. Without prejudice to the generality of 1 above, the Surgeon/practitioner is solely responsible for deciding whether or not the patient is suitable for the relevant treatment and the aftercare.

Patient Access to Medical Records

In line with current legislation: Patients may request to view their medical records but a member of the medical team must be present. Patients who wish to request a copy of their medical records should do so in writing. A copy of the records will be sent within 28 days of receipt of the request. An administration fee of up to £50 will be charged; payable before the medical records are released.


In the event that the patient is unhappy with any aspect of the service provided, the complaint should be made as soon as possible to the patient co-ordinator. If he/she is unable to resolve the complaint to the reasonable satisfaction of the patient, the companies Complaint Policy shall apply.

Confidentiality/Data Protection

We participate in national audits and initiatives to help ensure that patients are getting the best possible outcomes from their treatment and care. We will use your personal data in order to monitor the outcome of your treatment by us and any treatment associated with your care, including any NHS treatment. The highest standards of confidentiality will be applied to your personal data in accordance with data protection law and confidentiality. Any publishing of this data will be in an anonymised statistical form. The clinic processes data relating to patients in connection with the relevant consultation/procedure provided to those patients in accordance with these terms and conditions. The clinic wishes to disclose data relating to patients to the surgeons, doctors, and nurses in the course of the relevant treatment and the clinic wishes to have the consent of the patient to such disclosure. The patient is deemed to consent to the disclosure of sensitive personal data by the clinic to surgeons, doctors, and nurses for the purposes of discussing the patient’s treatment. The patient acknowledges that the clinic is obtaining this consent in order to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

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