Upper Arm Lift

Also known as a 'brachioplasty'

Upper Arm Lift

Many women are concerned about sagging of their upper arms with increasing age. If the problem is due to an accumulation of fat, then liposuction may be all that is required. However, if the skin over stretched and there is not a particularly large collection of fat, then an upper arm lift is recommended.

An arm lift (also referred to as brachioplasty) aims to:

  • Reduce sagging skin of the upper arm as a result of increasing age severe weight loss
  • Tighten supportive skin tissue within the upper arm which will redefine the shape of the arm

For the upper arm lift, long incisions are made along the inner and under surfaces of the arm, often from armpit to elbow (depending on patient preference and circumstance). Excess skin is removed, leaving the patient with a tight and lifted upper arm.

What You Need To Know About An Arm Lift 

  • The patient will go under general anaesthetic and an overnight stay is recommended
  • The procedure lasts between ninety minutes to two hours and a half hours.
  • The arms will remain swollen for up to a month after the procedure
  • We recommend that the patient does not lift, perform heavy exercise and lifting for up to six weeks
  • Scarring is to be expected

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