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Why Choose Us

Why Choose New Birkdale Clinic

Experience and Expertise

At New Birkdale Clinic, we’ve delivered more than 10,000 consultations and highly specialised surgical procedures.

Our expertise is recognised throughout the clinical sector, and is the reason why people consistently choose New Birkdale Clinic over other providers.

In the UK, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates all healthcare providers including the hospitals we use. New Birkdale employs fully registered surgeons who are amongst the finest in the world.

Aftercare and Support

New Birkdale Clinic has a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, clinical response line, so we are always available to support our patients. We also offer a comprehensive one-year aftercare programme for patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery and the clinic can offer an extended aftercare programme for up to 20 years and covering all hospital costs if required.

Safety and Assurance

Many cosmetic surgery companies can appear impressive, meeting with patients in lavish ‘sales’ consulting rooms. However, once a procedure is booked, patients often find that they are sent to a hospital where the company has simply rented temporary space to perform the procedure. This is not the case at New Birkdale. Your surgery will be carried out in our very own private hospital, and your pre-op and post-op recovery will take place in our ward.

Our Ethical Policy

New Birkdale Clinic will only undertake proven surgical procedures, and will not endorse or promote techniques that have not been tested.

The professionals at New Birkdale Clinic will not deliver ANY procedure that they feel could prove harmful to a patient or would not be in a patient’s long-term interest. We go to great lengths to identify the best equipment and most effective techniques to deliver your procedure. Your safety and satisfaction is our primary concern.

Breast Enlargement

£2,500 + Implant Costs


Rhinoplasty Surgery



Surgeries for you

Specialists in surgical and non-surgical procedures

Breast Surgery

Expert surgeons to give you the breasts you have always wanted.

Breast surgery

Body Surgery

Regain your confidence and love your body.

Body surgery

Facial Surgery

Your face is in safe hands with our consultants.

Facial surgery