Will Breast Implants Help With Sagging?

March 2nd, 2018

Sagging breasts (Ptosis) can be a cause for concern, making women unhappy with their appearance. They may sag due to weight loss, breastfeeding or age and many wonder whether breast implants will help. This post will answer that question.

How to Tell if your Breasts are Sagging?

There is a grade-scale of Ptosis. Grade 1 is only mild sagging, where there may be shape malformation. Grade 2 is where there’s moderate sagging – the bra is no longer supporting your breasts and exercise such as running becomes an issue. Grade 3 is where sagging is significant. This may occur because your chest stretched after pregnancy or you gained or lost a lot of weight. Grade 4 concerns allotropic skin due to reduced collagen strength.


What can be done about Sagging Breasts?

Implants can reshape your breasts and alter their size, increasing their volume and enhancing them. They’ll become less saggy than before. There are different procedures to consider:


Firstly, there’s breast augmentation (BA). If your breasts simply have too much skin, then this may be all you need. It simply involves inserting implants. To determine whether you need more, surgeons advise you try these simple tests:

The Finger Test: If you can fit 2 fingers behind your breast at the crease then you’ll need more than a BA.

The Hands on Head Test: If your breasts still sag when you put your hands on your head, then a breast lift is also recommended.

The IMC Test: If your nipples fall below your inframammary breast crease (IMC), then a BA alone is not enough to correct sagging.


Then there’s a breast lift with implants (Masto-Augmentation). This is advised for more severe sagging, where nipples point downwards. This surgery can make your breasts bigger, rounder and appear less saggy.


Alternatively, you could just have a breast lift (Mastopexy). This repositions the breasts back to a higher position and doesn’t require implants. However, a breast lift will not increase breast size or firmness, so dependent on your situation, you may need implants.


Will Breast Implants Help?


Yes. Breasts can be reshaped and resized, greatly improving their appearance. With a lift, both your nipples and breasts can be repositioned to their original, or a desired, state.


If you’re unsure which option is best for you, consider how you want your breasts to look and consult a trusted plastic surgeon.